RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc. (OTCQB: RKFL) has announced its collaboration with Zebra Digital, Inc., a global technology company. Zebra Digital, a client of PaymentCloud, will be utilizing RocketFuel’s payment solutions to offer their customers various cross-border business-to-business (B2B) money movement solutions using stablecoins and other forms of cryptocurrency. RocketFuel will act as a facilitating agent for these transactions, ensuring compliance and security between buyers and sellers.

This partnership aims to address the challenges faced by businesses when moving money in larger quantities across borders. By providing resources to mitigate risks and efficiently manage the process between buyers and sellers, RocketFuel enables companies like Zebra Digital to streamline their operations and offer a world-class experience for their clients in the cryptocurrency market.

According to Peter Jensen, CEO of RocketFuel, the company’s collaboration with Zebra Digital will help businesses effectively manage cross-border transactions while mitigating risks. Shimon Warden, CEO of Zebra Digital, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that it will allow their growing customer community to have access to a more structured platform for acquiring and trading cryptocurrencies.

RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc. is a global payments solution company that offers online shoppers a simple and secure checkout process with options for bank transfers, Bitcoin, and over 160 cryptocurrencies. The company also provides additional services such as payouts, B2B cross-border crypto payment solutions, invoicing, and a crypto payments service. RocketFuel is also developing a point-based loyalty program.