Yield App, the digital wealth platform, has announced a partnership with Volt, a leading global real-time payments gateway. This partnership will enable Yield App customers to buy cryptocurrency in real time using GBP and EUR on-ramps via FPS and SEPA Instant. The integration of Volt’s pan-European open banking solution will allow customers to authorize transactions with just face ID or biometric authentication from their banking app.

This collaboration between Yield App and Volt is a strategic move to provide customers with a seamless experience when accessing the platform’s full suite of products, which bridge the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance. By offering additional payment options, Yield App customers can unlock the full potential of their digital assets and enjoy fast, secure, and seamless transactions.

Gero Piskov, Card and Payments Manager at Yield App, expressed excitement about this partnership, emphasizing the importance of embracing open banking solutions to ensure retail crypto investors are not left behind. Piskov believes that integrating the latest payment technologies will allow customers to fully utilize their digital assets.

Kat Marangos, Volt’s VP Strategic Accounts, sees purchasing crypto as a perfect use case for open banking, which offers a safer and more convenient alternative to cards or manual bank transfers. Marangos believes that this partnership with Yield App will provide users with a whole new level of returns from their crypto assets and cater to a new generation of retail investors.

Volt is a London-based, global open payments gateway founded in 2019. With connections to over 5,000 banks in the UK, EU, and Brazil, Volt’s open payments gateway enables secure transactions between accounts held at these banks.

Yield App, on the other hand, is a digital wealth platform that serves as a digital wealth partner to its customers. The platform allows users to exchange and earn at market-leading rates while providing a safe custody environment for digital assets. Yield App’s innovative technology seamlessly combines traditional and decentralized finance, offering users a more efficient and user-friendly way to manage their portfolio.

The collaboration between Yield App and Volt highlights the growing importance of open banking solutions in the crypto industry. By providing customers with real-time payment options, this partnership aims to enhance the accessibility and usability of cryptocurrencies for retail investors.