XRPayNet, a fast-growing brand in the cryptocurrency industry, has partnered with Kunstbrug Art Gallery to launch the Flags of the World NFT collection. This collection features 11 stunning flags from different countries, with each NFT showcasing a high-quality, hand-painted, textured version of the flag.

The Flags of the World NFT collection was created by artist Paul Smidt, the owner of Kunstbrug, the world’s first physical NFT art gallery. To celebrate the launch, XRPayNet held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Kunstbrug gallery in the Netherlands. This event allowed fans and collectors to meet Paul Smidt and see the NFT series in person.

XRPayNet is dedicated to building a payment system that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their country, race, or religion. The Flags of the World NFT collection is a testament to this commitment as it celebrates the diverse cultures and nationalities of the world through breathtaking art.

The Flags of the World NFT collection is now available for purchase on onXRP.com, and the auction has started. Whether you’re a proud patriot or simply a fan of art, this is an NFT collection that should not be missed. Visit their website to learn more about the collection and the list of owner benefits.

About XRPayNet:
XRPayNet aims to facilitate converting consumer crypto payments made to businesses into their preferred conventional currency. Their card and mobile application allow businesses to continue using their existing payment processing systems, making the Crypto to Fiat payment process seamless. The mobile application is currently available for download on iOS and Android, providing users with the ability to Buy, Sell, Store, Track, and Spend with complete freedom. XRPayNet also offers “Buy Now – Pay Later,” a first in the crypto industry.