Xecret.io has introduced a revolutionary on-paper encryption technology that addresses the security concerns of storing highly confidential information, such as crypto wallets’ seed phrases and private keys. Cold storage, which involves keeping data offline to prevent online hacking attempts, is considered the most secure option. However, using unencrypted single medium formats like paper or metal storage still poses risks such as theft, loss, and physical damage.

Xecret.io offers a cutting-edge solution that combines Private.me’s information dispersal algorithm (IDA) and cryptographic QR codes. The IDA shards encrypted data into multiple slices, protecting it from physical loss, damage, and theft. QR codes enable quick and easy access through the Xecret.io app. Unlike labor-intensive metal plate engravings, Xecret.io provides simultaneous protection against loss, fire, and theft, marking a significant advancement in cold storage technology.

Xecret.io is an ideal solution for safeguarding recovery phrases for popular digital wallets like CoinBase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Meta Mask, and hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano and Trezor. It can also secure one-time-use tokens like Apple ID’s Recovery Keys or Google’s Backup Codes.

To showcase the unparalleled security of individual QR codes, Xecret.io has issued a challenge with a $1,000,000 reward for successfully cracking the encryption of two cryptographic QR codes on their website. Participants have the opportunity to recover a Meta Mask wallet’s seed phrase hidden within these QR codes. For more information and to participate, visit the provided link.

For further details, you can access the Xecret.io whitepaper and try out the free demo through the related links.