WooTrade has announced a partnership with MOV, a decentralized exchange protocol. The two companies will cooperate to improve the on-chain trading experience and will progressively collaborate in liquidity management and exploration of user incentive mechanisms.

WooTrade is a digital asset liquidity pool incubated by quantitative hedge fund Kronos Research, which can provide its users with a transaction depth of 100 BTC with a spread of 0.2%. WooTrade’s current clients include traditional and decentralized exchanges and professional traders. WooTrades’s exchange clients have reported a 3.5x increase in trading volume after gaining access to WooTrade’s liquidity. 

MOV is a next-generation decentralized cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol based on Bystack, a business system built on Bytom-Vapor mainchain-sidechain. Digital assets such as BTC and ETH can be cross-chain transferred to Bytom and its sidechain through the MOV protocol, and use the Bytom mainchain-sidechain structure. Its Magnet function possesses an order book to ensure a smooth trading experience while also executing on-chain matching and settlement which allows users to better control and protect their assets.