Fintoch, a global financial technology company, has announced that it is nearing the completion of its preparation work for the launch of its FTC (Financial Technology Coin) in early June 2023. This launch will mark an important milestone for Fintoch as it activates the mining mode for FTC. The company is inviting global users to witness this significant moment together.

The announcement also highlights Fintoch’s FTC ecological development plan. FinSoul, the first sector of the FTC ecosystem, has already been successfully launched, and the company has plans to launch other sectors. Fintoch aims to integrate artificial intelligence with digital finance, employing innovative AI algorithms and smart contracts. This integration will enhance the intelligence and automation of the public chain, leading to exponential growth in the speed of FTC ecological construction. Consequently, users can expect more efficient and secure transactions as well as intelligent financial service experiences.

To comply with the regulatory requirements of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and achieve a listing on NASDAQ in 2024, Fintoch will further strengthen its supervision and regulation of its operations. This measure aims to ensure that Fintoch’s business remains compliant with regulations and provides users with a safer and more reliable investment environment.

Once FTC is officially operational, it will generate 28,800 blocks every day, with each block offering a reward of 10 FTC. The creators of Main Chain super nodes will receive a mining reward of 0.001 FTC, and the remaining 80% of the blocks will be distributed to users participating in the super node subscription. Based on these calculations, each Main Chain super node creator will receive a daily mining reward of 28.8 FTC.

In Fin-Chain, each financial chain node creator will receive a mining reward of 0.00019 FTC, with the remaining 80% of the block rewards distributed to users participating in the Fin Chain node subscription.

The completion of FTC ecological construction presents an opportunity for investors to obtain a relatively high annualized return rate. Moreover, Fintoch has already signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a leading AI enterprise, further enhancing the integration of the public chain and AI. Fintoch plans to invest significant funds to accelerate the construction of the public chain ecosystem and seize opportunities for the development of artificial intelligence.

The integration of finance and artificial intelligence will pave the way for the future of the financial technology industry, opening up new possibilities for personalized financial services, identity authentication, anti-fraud mechanisms, and decentralized finance (DeFi). By leveraging smart contracts and automated execution, DeFi can offer a broader range of financial services, including lending, insurance, trading, and stable currency issuance.

The launch of Fintoch’s FTC is not only significant for the fintech industry but also provides opportunities for global investors. As the FTC ecosystem continues to improve, industry insiders believe that it will bring new development opportunities to the field of financial technology. The increased intelligence and automation in the financial transactions facilitated by FTC will promote innovation and further the development of digital finance.