WEMIX.Fi, a DeFi service on the blockchain mainnet WEMIX3.0, has launched WONDER Staking, a new program that combines Grand Staking and NCP Staking. As part of the WEMIX3.0 mainnet’s phased implementation of democratic governance, Phase 02 began on June 14th, transitioning from fixed staking to competitive staking to encourage active participation from 40 WONDERS and its node council partners.

With the introduction of WONDER Staking, the Grand Staking program officially ended, allowing stakers to withdraw their assets and rewards. Users can now choose WONDER and stake WEMIX to participate in WONDER Staking, with the flexibility to stake and withdraw at any time. The platform also provides users with valuable information about each WONDER’s staked WEMIX, share ratio, number of stakers, distribution rate, and activation rate.

Participants in WONDER Staking will receive Permanent Minting Reward (PMR), which is 1 WEMIX newly minted every second when a new block is created. The distribution of PMR will be based on each WONDER’s staking ratio and the user’s share ratio in the WONDER.

WEMIX3.0 will undergo three phases to achieve complete decentralization. Phase 01 involved the 40 WONDERS-based PMR and Grand Staking, while Phase 02 introduced competitive staking with increased rewards. Phase 03 will mark the end of exclusive node operation by 40 WONDERS and the start of an open autonomous governance model where node operation is open to all.

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