The WeChat Mini Game Developer Conference was held in San Francisco on November 12, during which WeChat extended a formal invitation to developers across the world to propel the expanding Mini Games ecosystem. 

Tencent Billiards WeChat Mini Game boasts remarkable DAU of 5 million

WeChat hoped to help attendees understand the current state, unique capabilities, and developer support of Mini Games.

Key takeaways:

  • WeChat announced that it now has over 1 billion monthly active users, with WeChat Mini Games now at over 310 million users. 
  • WeChat’s Mini Games ecosystem now has over 200 APIs which leverage the social capabilities of the WeChat platform.
  • Popular Mini Games which have integrated the new APIs saw 7-day user retention rate grow to 45%.
  • WeChat provides ways to attract users through social media sharing, advertisements, and redirects from Mini Apps to Mini Games. 
  • WeChat helps provide ways for traffic monetization through in-game item purchases and advertising.

Two popular Mini Games were showcased at the conference, including Tencent Billiards, a casual sports game which currently maintains about 5 million daily active users, over 10 million RMB in daily transactions from in-game item purchases and advertising, and a 30-day user retention rate of 40%.

Visit the WeChat Mini Game developer site for more information: