Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), the global GameFi company and owner of the PlayMining gaming platform, has announced several exciting projects leading up to the launch of their new Play-and-Earn (P&E) game, SOUL Fusers. The game will feature collaborative IP creation, partnerships with third-party content creators, and initiatives to solve social issues.

One unique aspect of SOUL Fusers is its collaborative IP co-creation project, which allows players to work directly with game developers to design various elements of the game’s world. This collaboration takes place on an official Discord server where users can propose and vote on ideas. Winning contributors will earn royalties when their created assets are sold as NFTs.

SOUL Fusers is a P&E game where players assemble teams of monster “SOULs” to battle against each other. While basic SOULs can be obtained for free in the game, players can also purchase stronger NFTs with enhanced abilities. Winners of battles will be rewarded with DEAPcoin (DEP) tokens, which can be used to purchase NFTs on the PlayMining NFT marketplace or traded on major exchanges.

Additionally, PlayMining has launched the SOUL Friends project, a collaboration with organizations focused on solving social problems. Through this initiative, PlayMining sponsors monster SOUL-naming events, with a portion of NFT sale royalties donated to the partnering organizations. The first collaboration was with the CHANG Child Foundation of Asia, benefiting Southeast Asian children.

To further expand the SOUL Fusers IP, DEA has partnered with KADOKAWA Game Linkage to create a comic adaptation of the game. The comic will be written by renowned authors Ichiro Sakaki and Toshihisa Kio, known for their work in light novels, manga, and video games. The manga artist will be announced soon, and the comic will be released later this summer.

PlayMining is also launching the SOUL Mates project, which involves partnerships with manufacturers who produce various content outside of games. Further details will be announced in a future press release.

DEA, the parent company of PlayMining, is a Singapore-based global Web3 entertainment company that develops P&E games and operates the PlayMining gaming platform, NFT marketplace, and Verse metaverse project. PlayMining offers a total of six P&E game titles and has over 2.7 million users worldwide.

Overall, the announcement of these collaborative projects and initiatives demonstrates PlayMining’s commitment to engaging its community, fostering creativity, and making a positive impact on social issues.