Volmex Labs, the leader in crypto volatility indices and volatility products, has just announced the launch of the Volmex Perpetual Futures public testnet. This testnet is hosted on the Coinbase-backed Base Goerli test network. What makes this launch exciting is that Volmex is offering the first perpetual future contracts on a crypto implied volatility index, specifically the BVIV Index (Bitcoin Volmex Implied Volatility Index) and EVIV Index (Ethereum Volmex Implied Volatility Index).

The Volmex Perpetual Futures exchange protocol is built on a decentralized matching engine and order book. This means that there is no need for a centralized intermediary, as orders are propagated and matched between off-chain relayers using peer-to-peer communication. This decentralized approach brings added transparency and eliminates single points of failure for improved reliability.

According to Cole Kennelly, the Founder & CEO at Volmex Labs, the launch of the Volmex perpetual futures exchange public testnet on Base is a significant milestone. He believes that these perpetual future contracts on the BVIV and EVIV Indices will provide a top-notch user experience for trading crypto volatility. This will enable crypto investors and traders to effectively hedge, diversify, and speculate on crypto volatility.

Volmex perpetual futures offer an intuitive user experience similar to leading centralized perpetual futures offerings. However, they come with the guarantees of DeFi systems and smart contracts. Users can expect real-time auditability, permissionless access, composability, and more.

In the coming weeks, Volmex plans to expand the public testnet to additional Ethereum Layer 2 networks such as Arbitrum. They also plan to support stablecoin collaterals like USDT, offering more options and flexibility to users.

Volmex’s flagship BVIV and EVIV Indices provide insights into crypto implied volatility. These indices measure the constant, 30-day expected volatility of Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively, based on real-time crypto call and put options. Volmex also offers a suite of products built around the Volmex Implied Volatility Indices, making them tradable and investable for hedging, speculating, and diversification.

This initiative by Volmex Labs is backed by leading crypto investors and trading shops, such as Robot Ventures, CMS Holdings, and IOSG Ventures, which adds further credibility to their offering.

Please note that the testnet is currently available only to users outside of the United States. For additional terms and conditions applicable to the testnet, users can refer to Volmex’s Terms of Service.

Overall, the launch of the Volmex Perpetual Futures public testnet represents an important step in the evolution of trading and investing in crypto volatility. This innovative product from Volmex Labs has the potential to transform the way crypto market participants trade and manage crypto volatility.