Virtune, the first regulated digital asset manager in Sweden, is introducing an innovative crypto basket index Exchange Traded Product (ETP). This ETP, which will be listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, offers exposure to up to 10 leading cryptocurrencies in a single product. It is the first of its kind in the Nordic market.

The ETP is fully collateralized and 100% physically backed by cryptocurrencies. It will be available in SEK for Swedish investors and in EUR for investors in the rest of the Nordic region. The ETP has a maximum weight allocation of 40% per cryptocurrency, promoting diversification and providing a balanced investment alternative. Only cryptocurrencies approved by Nasdaq are eligible for inclusion in the ETP.

This product caters to institutional investors and experienced crypto enthusiasts, while also serving as an entry-level product for those new to crypto investments. It will be available on and, the largest saving platforms in the Nordics.

The Virtune crypto index ETP fills a gap in the Nordic market, allowing investors to consolidate their crypto investments into a single, regulated product. The ETP can be held in an Investeringssparkonto (ISK), capital insurance, or custody account.

With monthly rebalancing, the ETP remains up to date and aligned with current market conditions. By offering exposure to 85% of the crypto market, it captures the full potential of this growing market. Key information about the product includes exposure to 85% of the crypto market, allocation based on market capitalization with a 40% cap, 100% physical backing, monthly rebalancing, and a 1.95% fee.

The Virtune Crypto Top 10 Index ETP will be available in both SEK and EUR with trading currency, ticker, and ISIN information provided for each.

Virtune has collaborated with leading service providers such as Vinter (index provider), Nordic Issuing (issuing agent), Flow Traders (market maker), and Coinbase (custodian) to launch this groundbreaking product on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Virtune is excited to introduce this first-ever crypto ETP to the Nordic market, and Nasdaq Stockholm is pleased to welcome Virtune as a new issuer of crypto ETPs.

Investors interested in Virtune’s current and upcoming ETPs can contact the company or visit their website for more information and to receive updates on upcoming launches and other news related to digital assets.

Virtune, headquartered in Stockholm, is a fully regulated Swedish digital asset manager and issuer of crypto exchange-traded products on regulated European exchanges. With regulatory compliance, strategic collaborations, and a skilled team, Virtune provides investors worldwide with access to innovative and sophisticated investment products that align with the evolving landscape of the global crypto market.