Two Dubai-based entrepreneurs have launched Vintage Vaults, a state-of-the-art luxury service that provides a secure storage solution for valuable physical possessions and financial assets. Located in a discreet section of the Mall of the Emirates, Vintage Vaults offers premium safety deposit boxes in seven different sizes, with flexible rental periods ranging from 3 months to 10 years. In addition to jewelry, watches, and important documents, Vintage Vaults also caters to crypto investors by offering a secure place to store crypto codes.

Unlike traditional banks, Vintage Vaults provides extended accessibility hours from 10am to midnight, every day of the year. Customers can choose between accessing their items in person or utilizing armored home delivery services. The facility features art deco-style reception areas, a custom-made reinforced steel vault, private parking, and stylish private rooms for discreet access to box contents. Security is a top priority, with advanced measures such as multi-stage biometric checkpoints, HD CCTV linked to Dubai Police, night vision cameras, motion and audio sensors, dual key locks, and round-the-clock security guards.

Vintage Vaults has already attracted customers from over 80 nationalities, with nearly 70% being long-term UAE residents. As personal wealth continues to grow in the region, the founders are confident that there will be a rising demand for their premium services. Vintage Vaults offers two membership tiers, Standard and Premium, with the latter providing additional benefits such as a private vault, a dedicated relationship manager, a gold deposit box, and additional access rights for nominees.

The company has successfully attracted some of the wealthiest clients in the UAE as well as high-net-worth individuals globally who view Dubai as a key investment haven. Vintage Vaults is also expanding its services to cater to different sizes of corporate clients. Overall, Vintage Vaults combines cutting-edge security technology with luxury to offer a unique and highly secure storage solution for valuable assets.