Uphold, the Web3 financial platform, has become the only centralized crypto trading venue in the United States to offer Trailing Stop orders for customers. This feature allows users to automatically sell their crypto assets at a specified percentage below the highest price, providing a way to maximize potential upside while protecting against downside risk.

Unlike a simple Stop Order that sells based on a price fall against the user’s initial purchase price, a Trailing Stop order readjusts to the current highest price. The customer chooses the percentage that automatically triggers the sell order.

Uphold’s platform is uniquely positioned to offer this feature due to its architecture, which executes trades through 29 centralized, decentralized, and Layer 2 trading venues. This setup ensures deep liquidity, redundancy, and the ability to satisfy Trailing Stop sell orders even during volatile market conditions.

In addition to Trailing Stop orders, Uphold recently launched Take Profit orders, which allow users to automatically sell their assets based on a customer-set percentage increase from the purchase price.

Simon McLoughlin, Chief Executive Officer of Uphold, highlighted the benefits of Trailing Stop orders, stating that they provide a convenient way for users to take advantage of crypto volatility while protecting themselves from excessive risk.

Uphold is committed to making Web3 easy and serves over 10 million customers in more than 140 countries. Its “Anything to Anything” platform enables seamless access and transfers between digital assets, national currencies, and precious metals. The company is known for its radical transparency, publishing its assets and liabilities in real-time on a public website. Uphold is regulated in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe, ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

Overall, Uphold’s introduction of Trailing Stop orders offers an innovative solution for crypto traders, providing them with a tool to manage risk and maximize potential gains in a rapidly changing market.