Onlookers at Miami DCENTRAL’s main stage were shocked when UFC Fighter Michael Bisping had a heated exchange with David Chen, a collector of NFTs from Faze Clan. Dane Hamer and David Johansson of METAKING STUDIOS were discussing their upcoming release, BLOCKLORDS, when Chen and Bisping joined the conversation via webcam. The incident escalated when both men revealed their interest in acquiring the same unique NFT hero, Duke Chad. Bisping, feeling entitled to Duke Chad, proudly announced his intention to claim the NFT. Tensions rose as Chen challenged Bisping’s commitment by stating he would put forth unprecedented levels of cryptocurrency to secure the NFT.

The situation deteriorated further when Chen questioned Bisping’s toughness, which greatly angered the former champion fighter. Bisping shouted at Chen, leaving him shell-shocked and prompting Hamer to intervene and restore order. Despite the confrontation, Blocklords’ NFT heroes, which offer in-game utility and unique experiences, generated excitement among the audience and the web-3 community.

Blocklords, built on Seascape.Network’s proprietary technology, aims to bring fun and ownership to the Web3 gaming space. By creating a medieval universe that combines old and new worlds, the game has drawn comparisons to Quentin Tarantino’s storytelling. Following the incident, Chen took to Twitter to taunt Bisping, who responded with a graphic animation depicting a panda being beheaded by a sword. This exchange suggests that the conflict is far from over.

Despite the friction, the incident highlighted the groundbreaking concept of “NextGeNFTs” and generated optimism among the audience about the forthcoming release of Blocklords.