CoinTR Exchange, a leading cryptocurrency platform in Turkey, has partnered with state-owned banks Ziraat Bank and Vakıf Bank to enhance its reliability and user experience. CoinTR has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface, robust infrastructure, and high trading volumes.

By integrating with Ziraat Bank and Vakıf Bank, CoinTR users can now enjoy faster and more reliable trading experiences, with the ability to make Turkish Lira deposits and withdrawals around the clock. The partnership with these state-owned banks also reinforces CoinTR’s commitment to reliability and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The CoinTR team is dedicated to providing the most secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading experience. They are actively working towards building collaborations with other private banks to further advance their goals. CoinTR aims to provide the best service to its users by signing significant partnership agreements.

CoinTR is a global exchange based in Maslak, Istanbul and focuses on providing a secure and stable trading experience. With diverse trading tools and a commitment to expanding its global reach, CoinTR is ranked #30 on Coin Market Cap and CoinGecko.