Tophatter’s Boom Seller Competition officially kicked off in Shanghai at a ceremony on September 19th. The competition’s top winner will be awarded $10,000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to Tophatter’s headquarters in San Francisco, California.

At the event, Tophatter released several innovative product features and officially published the future strategy of Tophatter, alongside the announcement of the opening of two new offices as the next step in the online auctioneer’s globalization plan.

Tophatter CEO Ashvin Kumar and COO Sree Menon were among the featured guests who attended the ceremony. “We are pleased to announce the opening of two new offices in Portland, Oregon and Bangalore, India,” said Ashvin. “We can’t wait to welcome the new engineering teams who will work alongside our big family to drive Tophatter’s business growth for the next year,” he added.

Tophatter to build a seller-orientated e-commerce ecosystem

During the ceremony, Helena Zhang, head of Tophatter China, reviewed and shared her insights and Tophatter’s unique business model for the cross-border e-commerce industry in her speech. To drive innovation, Tophatter set its vision to carve out a new trend in a bid to guide the direction of the cross-border industry.

Helena announced the long-term strategy to bring more value to sellers. With the priority focused on the needs of sellers, Tophatter plans to develop more products and technical tools and build a more competitive environment within the value chain.

A $10,000 reward will be granted to the winner alongside promotions to boost sales during the upcoming holiday season:

  • The commission fee decreases to 9% for both new and existing sellers;
  • New seller levels released, with top sellers earning lower commission fee;
  • VIP seller club officially rolled out, with VIP sellers receiving exclusive shipping and payment discounts;
  • New seller’s green channel to be officially published during the holiday season.

Tophatter will hold the Boom Season competition awards conference in early 2020 at which time the winners will be announced.