Top Ethereum projects have teamed up to launch MEV Blocker, a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) solution aimed at addressing the $1.3 billion MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) problem in the Ethereum ecosystem.

MEV Blocker allows users to protect their transactions from being hijacked by MEV bots and gives them the opportunity to profit from the back-running opportunities they create. The solution directs transactions to a network of “searchers” who bid for the right to backrun the transactions, with 90% of the profits going back to users and 10% to validators. This not only prevents harmful MEV but also helps users capture the surplus generated by their transactions, which they currently miss out on.

Launch partners for MEV Blocker include CoW Swap, Beaver Build, Agnostic Relayer, Gnosis DAO, Balancer, Gelato, and many more. The RPC endpoint for MEV Blocker was developed by CoW Swap, Beaver Build, and Agnostic Relay. Users can simply add the RPC endpoint to their wallets and use Ethereum-based dApps as usual to enjoy the full benefits of MEV Blocker.