Thred, a new blockchain commerce company, has launched its consumer-focused search and discovery platform for NFTs. This platform aims to connect digital asset creators, such as artists, influencers, and brands, with consumers interested in owning their NFTs. With Thred, consumers can search, read, and share reviews of various types of digital assets that can be traded as NFTs, including artworks, trading cards, music, memes, branded assets, and memorabilia. Thred is the first platform of its kind to provide NFT ratings and rankings, helping buyers identify safe, legitimate, and valuable digital assets. Once users find NFTs they want to acquire, they are directed to verified marketplaces to complete the purchase or trade.

According to Verified Market Research, consumers spent $11.3 billion on NFTs in 2021, and the NFT market is projected to grow at 33.7% per year, reaching $231 billion by 2030. NFTs are gaining popularity among gamers, metaverse participants, and everyday consumers. However, despite the significant growth of the NFT market, there are limited ways for people to assess the value and trustworthiness of digital assets. Many individuals rely on platforms like Twitter and Discord, which are full of false information. Additionally, creators face challenges in getting their work discovered by consumers due to the lack of curation and merchandising on existing NFT marketplaces.

Thred aims to address these issues by providing a highly scalable NFT discovery platform that utilizes blockchain data and machine learning. The platform ranks the value and trustworthiness of publicly available digital assets, making it easier for consumers to discover quality NFTs. Thred’s algorithmic rankings are combined with transparent community reviews, disclosing whether the reviewer is the verified owner of the NFT or not.

Thred is open to anyone with an internet browser and is completely free to use. Consumers and creators can join the Thred community and receive their free Member badge NFT starting today at