The VINU Network, a real-economy Metaverse based on real-world franchises, has announced that it will be listing its $VNN token on MEXC Global, a major exchange. The token, built on the Ethereum blockchain, will have a fixed supply of 2 billion tokens. This listing on MEXC is a significant milestone for the VINU Network.

Holders of the $VNN token will have access to various utilities, including exclusive access to VINU’s limited edition NFT presales and the ability to trade VINU NFTs in its marketplace. The VINU Foundation, even before the token launch, emphasizes its commitment to a platform with an organic virtuous cycle of tokens. Transparency, greater security, and consumer protection are prioritized in the Web3 space.

The VINU Network’s ultimate goal is to create a globalized platform that serves various users and industries, solidifying its position in the Web3 world. The network has an intricate infrastructure of unmanned stores and chains in Europe and Asia, which will link directly to the VINU SPACE, its own Metaverse. Users can become ‘Owners’ by holding a Store NFT, granting ownership and operation rights to these stores, along with other benefits.

In addition to the token listing, the VINU Network is also launching its own NFT pack, marketplace, and staking pool for users to participate in and generate continuous rewards. More information about the VINU Network can be found in its whitepaper.

Overall, the listing of the $VNN token on MEXC Global demonstrates the VINU Network’s commitment to building a robust platform that offers unique opportunities and benefits to its users. As a tech investor, this development in the Web3 space is worth keeping an eye on as it signals the growing adoption and potential of token-based platforms and Metaverses.