Prior to its release, GrabCoinClub, the new Metaverse Role Playing Game (MRPG) developed by Anatoli Rybchin and his team, has already made significant progress. It has completed a smart contract audit at CertiK, launched two NFT collections for sale, conducted closed token sales rounds, and released an MVP version with multiplayer support, VR integration, MetaMask authorization, and voice and text chats.

The game is set in a unique gaming world where players can create their own storyline. The protagonists are FiHunters, intelligent tigers and dragons from the FiToria Exoplanet, who have created 15,555 NFT artifacts that hold the key to financial freedom. These FiHunters traveled to the blockchain planet of Polarity to mine unique resources but ended up encountering a colony of stranded Earth scientists.

To facilitate gameplay and transactions, GrabCoinClub has chosen to operate on the Polygon network, which offers high speed, security, and low transaction fees. The project utilizes three different token standards for different gaming assets.

The first type of token is ERC-721 NFT Tokens, which include 15,555 avatars of FiHunters that players can use to develop individual characters. The second type is ERC-1155 SFT Tokens, which represent in-game consumables such as resources, first-aid kits, ammo, and character skins. Lastly, ERC-20 Interchangeable Tokens known as GrabClub (GC) serve as the utility in-game currency that players can use to buy and sell assets within the game and on third-party marketplaces.

GrabCoinClub also offers a Free-to-Play mode, allowing players to join the game without authorization through MetaMask and play as a space abo stuck in the colony. In this mode, players can earn GC tokens without limitations or purchases, which can later be withdrawn to a connected cryptocurrency wallet or used to purchase in-game assets.

What makes GrabCoinClub stand out is its plan to transfer decision-making power to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) after the game mechanics of the first part are fully integrated. This DAO will include owners of the project’s rare NFTs, giving players a stake in the game’s future development.

According to the project roadmap, game mechanics will be launched in the third quarter of 2023. Additionally, the team plans to launch a closed social network and marketplace with NFT access and list GC tokens on other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Investors interested in the project will be pleased to know that the GrabCoinClub team has undergone KYC inspection and received an honorary silver badge from CertiK. The MVP version of the game and detailed whitepaper can be accessed on the project’s website.