, the Sorare for adult content, has successfully completed its first NFT auctions, raising nearly 1,000,000 $DOLZ in just 48 hours. The auctions featured Sia Siberia, a popular cosplayer with over a million subscribers. This generated significant buying pressure on the DOLZ token, resulting in a 35% increase in its value.

Only 300 trading cards were available for sale during the inaugural auction, with three legendary ones selling for over 80,000 $DOLZ each. The token’s daily trading volume also multiplied by five, indicating strong buyer interest. In total, 985,650 $DOLZ tokens were spent over the two days.

A percentage of these tokens will be allocated to project developments, while another portion will be deposited into a community vault that is owned by $DOLZ token holders. These token holders will have the authority to decide whether to burn them or redistribute a portion to community members. has already launched a second trading card auction featuring Freya Mayer, and auctions will continue to be organized in “seasons” of 12 cards each. Collectors who possess all 12 cards will receive exclusive benefits that will be revealed soon.

In addition to the auctions, aims to help its 450,000 clients get acquainted with Web3 technology. They also have plans to launch Staking and Liquidity Providing pools on Ethereum and Polygon, as well as listing the $DOLZ token on centralized exchanges. is positioned at the intersection of the adult industry, GameFi, and the virtual reality market. The project leverages Totem Media’s 20 years of experience and 450,000 customers. The success of the token pre-sale and the first auctions further validates the strength of the project. Richard Excoffier, Totem’s co-founder, confirmed their commitment to embracing emerging technologies and the blockchain, recognizing it as a powerful growth lever for Totem and its clients.

Overall, the successful NFT auctions by showcase the growing interest and potential of the adult content industry in the crypto space.