The month of June is shaping up to be a busy one for AI Network, the Korean-native layer 1 blockchain platform. On June 16th, the AI Network’s native token, $AIN, will go live on the Biconomy platform. This will be followed by the 4th round of Runo NFT sales on June 19th, and a surprise listing later in the month.

For those interested in participating in the Runo NFT sale, it’s important to mark the date and have $AIN tokens ready. Previous rounds of Runo NFTs have sold out within minutes, so quick action will be required.

So, what exactly is AI Network? It is a decentralized layer 1 blockchain that aims to democratize AI development. By connecting resource providers, developers, and creators, AI Network creates a large network of computational resources, with the goal of building the internet for AI in the Web3 era.

The AI Network ecosystem consists of various elements, including Runo NFTs, AINFTs, $AIN tokens, and the AIN DAO. Runo NFTs provide decentralized computation resources to the AI Network ecosystem, while node operators are rewarded with $AIN tokens. AINFTs, on the other hand, are AI-infused NFTs that react actively to users and data on the blockchain, playing a vital role in the proliferation of AI on the blockchain.

As a layer 1 blockchain ecosystem, AI Network has its own native token, $AIN, which powers the platform’s decentralized computing resources. It is used to settle transactions within the ecosystem and compensate developers for their contributions.

Governance within AI Network is handled by the AIN DAO, a decentralized decision-making body that forwards proposals to be voted on by network members. Anyone can join or interact with AI Network, whether as a Captain, Creator, or Developer.

Overall, AI Network is an exciting project that’s worth keeping an eye on. With its innovative infrastructure and focus on both AI and blockchain, it has the potential to make a significant impact in these rapidly growing industries. To stay updated on AI Network and AINFTs, interested individuals can visit the project’s website and join its social media communities.