With its groundbreaking features and strategic advantages, Oscarswap is set to make a splash in the investing community. The project’s Fair Launch will be live on Pinksale, offering users the opportunity to earn real cryptocurrencies generated by the protocol.

Oscarswap’s presale details have also been revealed. The presale will be live on Pinksale on May 30th at 16:00 (UTC), with a soft cap of 50 ETH and an official listing price of $0.016 for the $OSCAR token. The project’s team has projected a reach of $1 for the token based on its features and functions.

One of the key features of Oscarswap is its verified profit return. Users can earn a portion of the protocol-generated revenue, making it the first decentralized exchange (DEX) to offer such an opportunity. This is made possible by the utility of the $OSCAR token, which allows users to generate liquid cryptocurrencies from the platform.

In addition to the profit-sharing feature, Oscarswap also offers wallet-friendly fees. The team utilizes Arbitrum L2 technology to reduce network costs and provide users with the lowest swap fees. The platform also implements a bot-resistant system to ensure consistent pricing across all pairs.

Security is a top priority for Oscarswap. The DEX has undergone thorough audits and its smart contracts use multi-signature systems. Users can also view all upcoming blockchain changes with a 24-hour timelock.

Furthermore, Oscarswap introduces cross-chain L2 bridge and farming/staking pools, rewarding users in three different currencies. The project aims to compete with major DEX platforms like Uniswap and Sushiswap by offering users the opportunity to earn 100% of the revenue generated by the protocol.

Compared to competitors like Arbidex, Oscarswap offers strategic advantages such as higher yield farming returns and a user-friendly mobile app. The platform also emphasizes security, with audits and KYC validation, as well as a governance protocol where users can vote on important decisions.

Overall, Oscarswap brings innovative features and strategic advantages to the DEX and yield farming space, making it an attractive option for investors in the crypto community.