ChuanQi IP, a subsidiary of Wemade, has revealed the teaser site for its new blockchain-based MORPG game, MIR2M: The Dragonkin. Developed by XFun Games Ltd., the game utilizes the IP of Wemade’s popular title, The Legend of Mir 2.

MIR2M: The Dragonkin offers players three exciting professions to choose from: Warrior, Mage, and Taoist. The game features a large-scale war called the “Sabuk Castle Siege,” where players compete to become the strongest player on the server. It also includes clan content such as “Clan Protection” and “Clan Escort,” allowing players to work together to defend their territory and transport prisoners.

The game is set to be available in over 170 countries through Wemade’s global blockchain gaming platform, Wemix Play. For more information about MIR2M: The Dragonkin, interested players can visit the teaser site or access it through Wemix Play.