The Conglomerate Capital is launching its token presale event on Jan. 16, with a goal of USD 2.5 million. This web3, BEP20 blockchain-based investment and funding platform, governed by a DAO, aims to provide outstanding private market investment opportunities to retail investors worldwide. The platform plans to raise capital for disruptive startups and SMEs, allowing investors to access VC and PE opportunities through the CONG token.

The Conglomerate Capital aims to democratize investment options and streamline the investment process for investors and fundraising for companies. By decentralizing the VC and PE infrastructures, the platform aims to solve the issues faced by startups and SMEs in raising capital. The project also plans to bring various industry features to the cryptocurrency world using DeFi and blockchain technology.

The CONG token will have value and serve as a form of asset storage within the ecosystem. The platform offers advantages such as zero-knowledge-proof authentication, decentralized data storage, and trade agreements. Early investors will receive priority when allocating investments, and the token price will be determined by token holders for each funding campaign.

The presale for the CONG token will start on Jan. 16, 2023, and offers a unique investment opportunity. The management team at The Conglomerate Capital has extensive expertise in the investment industry, having raised over USD 200 million using various mechanisms. The team is aligned with investors as they are compensated by CONG.

Investors interested in learning more about The Conglomerate Capital can visit their website and social media channels.