Exclusible, the one-stop-shop Web3 partner for brands, has announced the launch of Highloop, a platform that allows businesses to create and distribute digital collectibles without any technical knowledge of programming or blockchain. Highloop is designed to help future-focused businesses establish their presence in Web3 and build highly engaged and exclusive communities. By releasing collectibles to reward customer engagement, businesses can increase conversion and foster deeper relationships with their customers.

According to Thibault Launay, the CEO of Exclusible, Web3 is the future of community building. He believes that digital collectibles bring a new meaning to customer loyalty and experience, enabling longer lasting relationships than traditional Web2 community engagement tactics. Highloop is already being used by brands like Shiseido and Alpine to connect with their biggest fans through exclusive rewards and benefits.

The Highloop platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to businesses of all sizes. Even those without technical knowledge can easily create and distribute their own collection of digital collectibles within minutes. These collectibles can be claimed using virtual wallets or by logging in with Facebook or Google accounts. Brands have the option to choose between the Polygon or Ethereum blockchain to create their digital collectibles.

Blockchain technology enables brands to engage directly with customers through digital collectibles, but the process can be complex and requires skilled teams to engineer the backend. Highloop simplifies and automates this process, allowing brands to benefit from Web3 technologies such as privacy, security, and ownership of data.

In addition to making the Highloop platform available to all, Exclusible is working with brands to build custom Web3 loyalty programs. These programs allow brands to distribute digital collectibles directly via their website and gamify brand engagement through quests and rewards. Starbucks and Scotch & Soda are among the brands that have recently launched such programs.

Highloop has already been piloted by Alpine and Shiseido, generating success for both brands. Alpine used Highloop to give away 1,500 digital collectibles as part of a marketing campaign, which helped the brand expand its Twitter presence from zero to over 50,000 followers in just three weeks. Shiseido collaborated with Highloop to create 150 NFTs to mark their 150th anniversary.

Building a strong and engaged brand community is crucial for businesses in the digital landscape. By leveraging Highloop and Web3 technologies, businesses can earn customer loyalty, improve their products, increase brand awareness, and achieve overall growth at a lower customer acquisition cost. Web3-powered communities allow brands to reach customers directly and on a more personal level.

Exclusible is a web3 studio that aims to bring brands and corporations into the next generation of fan engagement and immersive experiences. In addition to Highloop, they also have a 3D studio called Polycount.io, which builds 3D immersive experiences on any platform.