Telenor and Hafslund are partnering to build secure and energy-efficient data centers in the Oslo area. As Norway continues its rapid digitization, the need for secure and sustainable solutions is increasing.

The new company, backed by Telenor, Hafslund, HitecVision, and Analysys Mason, aims to meet the demand for safe data storage within the country. This is especially important for sensitive information and infrastructure critical to national security interests. The partnership will also contribute to establishing more Norwegian data centers and increase national control over digital services.

The new company plans to build three data centers in the capital region, with a total capacity of 40 MW. These data centers will be colocation facilities for multiple tenants, including Telenor Norway. Strict security requirements will be in place to protect the infrastructure. The development of the first data center is set to begin later this year.

One key focus of the new company is to build and operate safe and energy-efficient data centers. Instead of keeping servers in basements, businesses can now move their servers and critical IT infrastructure to state-of-the-art facilities. This helps reduce unnecessary electricity consumption and promotes more responsible operations. Additionally, the company aims to collaborate with Hafslund Oslo Celsio to design data centers that can reuse excess heat, contributing to a circular economy in Oslo.

The partnership between Telenor, Hafslund, HitecVision, and Analysys Mason ensures that the new company has secure and reputable ownership. The ambition is not only to provide secure data storage but also to support Norway’s green transformation and digitalization efforts. The company will not have customers who mine cryptocurrency.

With the establishment of this new company, Norway is taking significant steps to meet the increasing demand for secure and sustainable data storage. It will contribute to the country’s digital transformation and provide a safer environment for critical data.