TCG World Metaverse and Two Lands LLC have formed a partnership to revolutionize the way we engage with ancient history. Two Lands, a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum network, aims to fund and raise awareness for ancient archaeological research, expeditions, and development, starting with a focus on unraveling the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

Recognizing the challenges faced by the archaeological community in securing funding, Two Lands is committed to providing innovative solutions. The partnership between TCG World Metaverse and Two Lands aims to address the financial and awareness challenges faced by archaeological projects.

TCG World Metaverse will provide a platform for engaging historical exploration, while Two Lands will generate revenue streams through its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), De-Fi gaming ecosystem, Two Lands Bazaar merch market, NFT projects, and real-world co-branded products.

With the growing adoption of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market, the project is set to gather momentum and attract a growing community of supporters. To ensure widespread awareness and engagement, Two Lands will be filming a docuseries pilot episode that gives a behind-the-scenes look into the team and its mission.

Additionally, Two Lands will introduce The Everdeen Initiative, a web-based platform that bridges the gap between academic projects and their supporters. The platform aims to shed light on hidden costs associated with historical endeavors, empowering supporters to directly engage and donate to specific items. Two Lands is not just a cryptocurrency but also a powerful tool for generating awareness and donations.