Tané, a Web3 incubator based in Dubai, New York, and Tokyo, has announced that it has secured approximately $8 million in financing. The funding round includes investments from DEEPCORE Inc., XTech Ventures Co. Ltd, DeNA Co. Ltd, B Dash Ventures Inc., and individual investors. Tané specializes in supporting seed and early-stage Web3 startups and projects.

One of the key features of Tané is its team of experienced and proven builders. The members of Tané have a diverse background in entrepreneurship, finance, engineering, and business development. They also have practical experience in developing Web3 services and understanding tokenomics.

Another interesting aspect of Tané is its global presence in Dubai, New York, and Tokyo. These three locations serve as the bases for its core members, allowing Tané to support Web3 projects that are attracting global attention.

Tané focuses on various areas within the Web3 industry, including infrastructure (Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain), privacy, cross-chain solutions, security, consumer applications x tokenomics, DAO, NFT, and DeFi. This indicates that the incubator is well-positioned to invest in projects that are at the forefront of technological innovation.

The investor lineup for Tané’s latest funding round includes notable companies such as DEEPCORE Inc., XTech Ventures Co. Ltd, DeNA Co. Ltd, and B Dash Ventures Inc. This strong support from established investors demonstrates the credibility and potential of Tané’s investment strategy.

In addition to financial backing, Tané’s team is highly regarded in the industry. Katsumasa Niki, President & CEO of DEEPCORE Inc., highlights the expertise and multifaceted perspective of Tané’s Managing Partner, Ikuma Mutobe. Similarly, Tomoko Namba, Founder and Executive Chairman of DeNA Co. Ltd, praises the team’s ability to identify the real value in the Web3 industry.

Ikuma Mutobe, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Tané, brings his extensive experience as an entrepreneur to the incubator. He has been actively involved in the Bitcoin community since 2014 and has invested in DeFi, Blue-chip NFT, and DAO.

For more information about Tané and its team members, you can visit their blog and other team resources provided in the article. Tané’s website and portfolio showcase their expertise in the Web3 industry.

Overall, this funding announcement positions Tané as a promising incubator in the Web3 space. With its experienced team, global presence, and focus on key areas of the industry, Tané is well-equipped to support and foster the growth of innovative Web3 startups and projects.