XEROF, a Swiss financial services firm specializing in cryptoassets, has launched an active managed certificate (AMC) in Bitcoin. In partnership with Swiss banks, the certificate is designed to help institutional investors diversify into cryptoassets more easily. It is among the first to hold the underlying Bitcoin asset in a Swiss bank, demonstrating Switzerland and Europe’s modern regulatory environment and the clarity they provide to licensed providers of complex financial products.

The Bitcoin represented by the certificate is held in secure cold storage by a premier Swiss bank, with XEROF providing its crypto brokerage exchange for daily liquidity. This offering allows institutions and accredited investors to diversify into cryptoassets without directly holding Bitcoin and eliminates the need for family offices or asset managers to manage the technicalities of secure custody.

According to Marc Taverner, CEO and co-founder of XEROF, the cryptoasset market is maturing and ready for properly regulated complex financial products. The structure of the Bitcoin AMC is consistent with other products in the portfolios of family offices and asset managers. It provides exposure to the underlying asset while retaining assets under management (AUM), a benefit not found with direct Bitcoin purchases. XEROF sees this launch as a pioneering solution for Bitcoin investment and plans to offer more products like this to accredited investors in the future.

XEROF is a Swiss financial services provider regulated as a Virtual Asset Service provider (VQF). They offer institutional services across digital and fiat currencies, including cross-border settlement, currency exchange, OTC brokerage, asset custody, and frictionless payments. Their mission is to help develop a mature market for traditional and digital wealth.