German company Abelius Capital AG has announced the launch of its Surf2earn internet web browser extension, SURF Reward. The extension will enable users to view selected advertisements in exchange for SURF tokens. The company has also announced an IDO for the SURF token, which will run on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The internet advertising industry generates massive profits, but very little of that money goes to the people who actually view the ads. As a result, many internet users resort to ad blockers, limiting companies’ ability to reach their target audience. SURF Reward aims to solve this problem by offering a browser extension that replaces the majority of ads with a select few controlled by SURF Reward.

Armin Heinrichs, the founder of SURF Reward, explained that companies make millions when users are forced to watch unwanted ads. SURF Reward allows users to remove most ads and earn crypto rewards with its Surf2Earn-enabled browser extension.

Instead of relying on webmasters for advertising revenue, SURF Reward exchanges individual ad spaces with its own advertising partners, allowing users to directly benefit from the profits in the form of SURF tokens. The Surf2Earn concept distributes the advertising revenue intelligently to reward users and increase liquidity and value. The SURF token will run on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and serve as a reward and payment method for all users.

SURF Reward has also provided the token details for SURF, including its symbol, platform, total supply, and pre-sale information. The company is already offering a demo version and is preparing for its mainnet launch.

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