SupDucks, the digital entertainment company, has launched their new blockchain battle game, Quetzal Returns, on the Ethereum platform. The game was previewed at VeeCon 2023 and received positive feedback from industry influencers such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Nick Adler.

Quetzal Returns allows players to battle for a prize pool and the title of last frog standing. The game experience is open to everyone, and players can obtain a DuckGod Clave for free to participate. MegaVolt Corp has seeded the prize pool with 10 ETH, which grows with each new player joining the game. Players can increase their chances of victory by assembling their own frog army and purchasing in-game power-ups. The champion of Quetzal Returns will be immortalized on the Ethereum blockchain and receive a champion’s prize.

The battle phase of the game is expected to last around 4 weeks. Quetzal Returns reenacts a key moment in the SupDucks origin story and was created and art directed by FrankyNines.