Summit Venture Studio announced today that it has licensed KalyLabs, a software developed at the University of Utah that enables universities to manage and bill for services provided by their research facilities and equipment. KalyLabs has been successfully deployed by several academic departments at the University of Utah.

With KalyLabs, higher education institutions can easily manage their research facilities, optimize their resources, and generate revenue through their equipment. The software provides a comprehensive solution that covers scheduling, tracking equipment usage, billing, and invoicing. By automating many manual tasks, KalyLabs saves staff time, reduces errors, maximizes revenue, and enhances student learning through streamlined partnerships.

Taylor Bench, Managing Director at Summit Venture Studio, described KalyLabs as an exceptional tool that increases revenue and optimizes research facilities and equipment for higher education institutions. The company is excited to work with the KalyLabs team to expand the software’s reach and bring its benefits to more universities and research institutions across the U.S.

KalyLabs was developed by a team of experienced software developers and researchers at the University of Utah, who understand the unique challenges faced by academic institutions. The software is highly tailored to meet the specific needs of different departments and facilities. It allows research efforts to be turned into revenue streams while providing hands-on experiences for students with cutting-edge equipment and projects.

Summit Venture Studios continues its mission to support innovation and entrepreneurship in academia and beyond with the licensing of KalyLabs. The company’s portfolio of licensed technologies also includes SegoEd, a HIPs assessment software developed at Utah Valley University, and CodeKeyz, a syntax-first learning platform that teaches Python, among others.