Senseye – Senseye uses high-resolution video footage of the eye to quantify previously inaccessible cognitive insights. Senseye’s approach to quantifying brain activity is non-invasive and highly accessible. To achieve this, Senseye has developed an Emotional Intelligence Engine platform (EIE).

Shipamax – Shipamax automates data entry for the logistics industry (Robotic Process Automation). Our product connects to any e-mail inbox and automatically extracts data from e-mails & attachments in real-time, saving teams hours of repetitive admin.

SVT Robotics – SVT’s software platform enables companies to easily connect their enterprise systems to any robot or automation, in a fraction of the time, empowering them to compete in a quickly changing marketplace.

Verve – Verve has developed a soft exosuit that assists with repetitive bending and lifting. The exosuit is lightweight at 4lbs and made of textile components worn at the waist and thighs, and is similar to a hydration vest with force applied in parallel to back and thigh musculature.

Warehowz – Warehowz is an innovative logistics technology company in the “on-demand” warehousing industry, which means we connect businesses that need warehousing space and services with businesses that have the capacity.

Travel & Hospitality

Airportr – We developed the world’s first home bag check-in and delivery service. Transforming journeys for airline passengers and enabling airports to become more distributed. We’re not stopping there – as we look to make air travel baggage-less and effortless, door-to-door.

Ascendance Flight Technologies – Hybrid air taxi that will disrupt the aerial mobility market by providing a cheap, green and silent air transport solution to passengers and operators.

Bidroom – Bidroom is the world’s first no-commission hotel booking platform with up to 25% lower room prices as compared to other booking websites.

Daycation – Daycation allows guests to enjoy the day at hotel amenities without getting a room.

Juvo Robotics – Revolutionizing Aircraft Ground Handling using Robotics and AI.

MeTripping – Intelligent Travel Search helping consumers and travel agents make the best travel decisions by making sense of the world’s information. MeTripping has developed a B2B solution for dynamic packaging.

OccasionGenius – OccasionGenius has created the first premium Events API for companies to provide events to the experiential traveler. For hospitality companies, this means adding upcoming events to their website to inspire travel; sending “proactive concierge” emails pre-stay; and app integration during the stay. 

Opus 12, Inc. – Opus 12 captures carbon emissions where pollution is generated and turns the CO2 into chemicals and fuels.

Pilota –Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Rebook Flights for Free During Disruptions.

Sanctifly – Sanctifly is a global members club that grants access to wellness activities at airports including access to hotel gym, pool and spa facilities without having to book a room.

Trip Ninja – Trip Ninja automates the creation of complex itineraries to lower operational costs for TMCs and improves customer service.

Trooptravel –Meeting & Events Location Optimizer powered by Big Data.

Upgrade Pack – Upgrade Pack provides direct access to bookings with our airline and hotel partners, allowing customers to search and secure the perfect upgrade. The app is exclusively available via our corporate clients (e.g. banks, credit card issuers) – who give access to their most valuable customers.

Welcome Pickups – Welcome offers the best mobility service in the world for travel. The company will welcome more than 1.3m travelers in 2020, is active in 53 destinations worldwide, and grows in a fast pace. Welcome cooperates with 1000+ hotels, and is expanding to vacation homes, airlines and travel agents.

Yoti – Yoti is a digital identity system that provides a simple and secure way of proving identities, online and face to face.

Zenner – Creating super-empowered travelers through an always-on, AI-powered, digital concierge.

ZestIOT – ZestIOT is an IOT/AI powered connected airports aviation platform

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