Spock Analytics, developed by XORD, is a leading dApp & Wallet Analytics solution that offers a comprehensive view of the on-chain and off-chain activities of dApps. It allows founders and growth teams to uncover hidden patterns and trends, track user engagement and retention, and discover lookalike audiences. This data-driven approach helps accelerate the journey to achieving product market fit in the web3 space.

The latest upgrades to Spock Analytics include enhanced dashboards that provide a user-friendly interface with complete insights on dApp performance. These upgrades allow founders and growth teams to gain invaluable clarity at a glance. Additionally, the introduction of Discover Wallet is a game-changing tool that goes beyond surface-level analytics. It enables dApp founders to discover lookalike audiences that are relevant to their growth.

The User Journey feature allows growth teams to uncover key insights on user behavior within a dApp. By identifying pain points and preferred pathways, teams can make informed decisions about feature enhancements and modifications to improve user experience and reduce drop-off rates.

Spock Analytics also takes audience analysis to a new level by providing in-depth insights on wallet preferences, transaction history, and other activities. These insights help identify high-value users and allow for custom labeling.

Advanced filtering capabilities are another valuable component of Spock Analytics. Users can customize their analytics view by applying filters based on country, user behavior, or specific labels. This allows for a deeper understanding of the audience and helps narrow down analysis to the most relevant data points.

Abdul Sami Khawaja, the Founder of Spock Analytics, emphasizes the platform’s commitment to continuous innovation. Upcoming upgrades, including AI and advanced web3 search capabilities, will further enhance the user experience and uncover hidden opportunities within the blockchain ecosystem.

Spock Analytics is currently free to use, giving users the opportunity to explore its rich features firsthand. To experience the power of Spock Analytics and gain better insights into dApp data, visit their website at www.spockanalytics.xyz.