Speed, a leading Lightning network-based Bitcoin and Stablecoin payment processor, has announced the release of APIs for developers. This new development allows developers to build custom applications on top of the Speed payment platform. With the help of these APIs, developers can create eCommerce plugins, SaaS billings, and rewards workflows on top of their software.

To ensure a seamless integration and development experience, Speed provides a comprehensive Developer Guide, API Reference Documentation, and public APIs. These resources enable developers to quickly integrate Speed’s payment infrastructure into their own applications. Speed also offers pre-built headless APIs for various business applications such as e-commerce checkout, donation payments, influencer payments, and invoicing.

In addition to the powerful API documentation, Speed allows developers to test the API integration in both test and live modes. This feature allows for modeling and verification of integrations without modifying live data or interacting with a live bitcoin node or lightning network node.

One notable feature of Speed is its highly secure and instant payout capabilities in any bitcoin on-chain or lightning wallet. This ensures that businesses and merchants can accept bitcoin and stable coin payments with ease.

The recent launch of the Taro protocol on the lightning network further enhances the flexibility of payment transactions. Using the Taro protocol, customers will be able to pay in any digital currency, while merchants will receive a balance in their preferred digital currency. All currency exchanges will happen directly on the lightning network.

Speed was founded by Jayneel Patel and Niraj Patel, who previously achieved success with the acquisition of Orderhive, an inventory management software. With Speed, their goal is to make Bitcoin and stable coin transactions easy and accessible for merchants and users.

Incorporating bitcoin payments into apps has been made simple with Speed. The platform utilizes the lightning network to enable fast and cost-effective microtransactions in a secure and programmable manner. Whether it’s online retail, marketplace, SaaS, e-commerce, B2B, or B2C, Speed offers a robust platform that eliminates the need for lengthy integration and customization processes.