SourceLess, a groundbreaking technology company, is excited to announce its participation at the prestigious ICT Spring 2023 Global Tech Conference. The event, which is scheduled for June 29-30 in Luxembourg, brings together business leaders, innovation managers, startups, researchers, and venture capitalists to foster collaboration and innovation within the global tech community.

The founder and CEO of SourceLess, Alexandru Stratulat, will be a featured speaker at the conference. Stratulat, a seasoned blockchain architect and the creator of the SourceLess platform, will participate in a round table discussion titled “How AI will disrupt businesses and society in the years to come?” on June 30 at 15:05. With his in-depth knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology and AI & Machine Learning, Stratulat will offer unique insights into how these technologies can bring about radical changes in the business landscape and society as a whole.

SourceLess is committed to breaking down barriers in technology and fostering universal connectivity. Its slogan, “Connecting every human and every existing blockchain,” reflects this commitment. The company aims to facilitate the seamless integration of humans and blockchain systems, making technology more accessible and affordable.

SourceLess has already achieved remarkable accomplishments in its mission to revolutionize the digital realm. The company has successfully implemented its patented technology in the alpha version, surpassing the speed of renowned blockchain version 2.0. In just two months, with the installation of 103 SourceLess validator nodes, the company has achieved a transaction speed of less than a second, making it the fastest blockchain worldwide. This breakthrough redefines the concept of “Transactions Per Second” to “Transactions Per Millisecond,” showcasing its infinite scalability and unrivaled speed.

Ownership within the SourceLess ecosystem is lifelong, ensuring that the rules of the game cannot be changed midway. This provides a new world, a native web3, which addresses the issues prevalent in the current web2.

SourceLess is eager to contribute to the dialogue about the future of technology and innovation at ICT Spring 2023. The company is excited to offer concrete solutions for business operations, enhanced customer experience, and sustainable growth.