SourceLess, a blockchain technology company, will be participating in the Financial Intelligence event, where their Chief Operating Officer, Alexandru Nichita, will deliver a keynote speech on the digitalization of Romania. SourceLess aims to revolutionize the digital landscape of Romania and beyond. With their vast experience in cybersecurity and deep understanding of technology, they are well-positioned to drive innovation and improve the quality of life through leveraging technology.

One of the groundbreaking technologies that SourceLess offers is its unique approach to Blockchain. They emphasize simplicity, transparency, speed, and instantaneity in their blockchain technology. They have created a complete and complex ecosystem that provides a feeless environment where users can remain anonymous while still being accountable.

SourceLess believes that blockchain should be seen as a service and utility that prioritizes real utility over quick financial gains. They recognize the importance of a healthy ecosystem built on real utility, catering to the growing adoption of this emerging market. They have already achieved remarkable milestones, such as running their patented technology in the alpha version, which writes a block of information in an astonishing 8 to 10 seconds compared to the 12 seconds of a well-known blockchain version 2.0.

SourceLess’s ecosystem comprises several components, including a blockchain built from scratch with over 32,000 files for encryption. They have also developed a new programming language called ARES and utilize Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for almost instant data transmission. With Zero Knowledge as the validation level and as unique identifiers, they are able to offer a feeless ecosystem.

Through their participation in the Financial Intelligence event, SourceLess is poised to chart the future of digitalization in Romania and showcase their innovative technologies and solutions to industry leaders.