and HLV (Horizen Labs Ventures) have formed a strategic partnership to combine their expertise in the Web3 ecosystem. is a leading blockchain development firm and Web3 Incubator, while HLV is a premier advisory and solutions platform. This collaboration will allow them to provide expanded support to their partners and clients.

By joining forces, and HLV aim to deliver maximum value to their high-profile partners. brings its expertise in smart contract development, blockchain protocol development, and scalable Web3 application development, while HLV offers premium advisory on tokenomics, metaverse strategy, DAO setup and launch, technology advisory, go-to-market support, and strategic solutions.

Both companies are excited about this partnership and recognize the synergies between their skill sets and customer bases. Dean Steinbeck, Co-Founder and Managing Director of HLV, describes it as a fantastic opportunity to offer expanded services to their clients. is known for working with prominent startups, protocols, DAOs, and brands to build and ship cutting-edge software in the realm of Web3. On the other hand, HLV focuses on pushing the limits of what’s possible in Web3 by delivering innovative solutions for various challenges.

The partnership between and HLV is a significant development in the Web3 industry. It brings together two industry leaders to provide comprehensive support and solutions for the growing ecosystem.