Toshiba unveiled its new smart microwave oven at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The smart microwave integrates voice control technology to create a versatile kitchen assistant with the ability to pair with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Users can control the microwave using natural voice commands for convenient hands-free navigation.

The microwave is equipped with a range of smart home features, designed for intuitive and seamless home cooking. Paired with a compatible smart speaker such as an Amazon Echo, voice commands can be used to start, pause and stop re-heating, or specify cooking times. The microwave also features a dedicated voice command button that users can press, then tell the microwave how long they would like it to cook the food.

In addition to voice control, the microwave features a simple keypad, multiple different power levels, and a child lock function. It’s also user-friendly: users simply plug in the microwave, connect to the internet using their smart home app, then ask their smart home device to start microwaving.