Mobile shopping platform, Shoclef, launched its mobile shopping app earlier this year and has acquired more than 80 million active users in Asia alone.

Combining retail with live streaming has made Shoclef a new, intriguing player in live streaming, mobile shopping, and the gig economy. With interaction and authenticity at its core, the app allows users to shop live in more than 150,000 cities across the world.

When shopping live, the user’s entire shopping experience is in real time. Personal shoppers go to stores and the user can chat with the shopper, making live messaging the real game changer. Don’t like the color of the coat? Want a pair of boots with it? No problem! As a user, you can easily chat with the Shopper, make requests, and check for sizes or colors. It’s literally shopping in a store, from the comfort of your home.

As for businesses and retailers, Shoclef offers a performance-based distribution channel with millions of global users. 

The app is now available for download both in iOS and Android.  For more information, visit