Sandlot Sloths, a collection of hand-drawn sloths on the Ethereum blockchain, has launched an NFT collection to support Major League Baseball’s Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) Youth Program. The collection consists of 5,944 unique sloths that act as membership passes to the Sandlot Sloths community, which aims to bring together baseball fans who share a passion for the sport and support underserved communities through their affiliation with RBI.

Jonathan Levey, the founder of Sandlot Sloths, expressed his goal of building a community of baseball fans who support young people from underserved communities and provide them with the opportunity to play. The pre-sale for the NFT collection took place on March 30, offering members on the allowlist the chance to purchase up to 9 tokens at a discounted price. The public mint began on March 31 at a slightly higher price.

By owning a Sandlot Sloths digital collectible, holders gain access to a community of baseball fans and receive various perks, including IRL meetups, MLB game tickets, free merchandise, cryptocurrency airdrops, exclusive giveaways, automatic allowlist access for future drops, and voting rights in charity fund distribution. For every Sandlot Sloths NFT purchased, 20% of the initial sales proceeds will be donated to RBI, and an additional 2% of all secondary sales from the collection will be donated on a monthly basis.

David James, Vice President of Baseball & Softball Development at MLB, expressed gratitude for Sandlot Sloths’ support of the RBI program and acknowledged the impact the donations will have on providing opportunities to underserved children and communities.

Sandlot Sloths is an exclusive baseball-focused community for NFT holders, offering unique experiences and a say in how charity funds are distributed. The project was created by Jonathan Levey, who has extensive experience in digital marketing and Minor League Baseball. He is supported by Jarrod Parker, a retired Major League Baseball pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks & Oakland Athletics, who serves as a Strategic Advisor.

For more information about Sandlot Sloths and the RBI program, please visit their respective websites.