Leading Bitcoin ATM operator RockItCoin has announced its latest acquisition of XBTeller, a regional operator in the industry. With this acquisition, RockItCoin solidifies its position as a dominant force in the Bitcoin ATM market and expands its nationwide network to nearly 2,000 machines.

RockItCoin’s strategy of acquiring smaller networks allows the company to expand its reach and provide greater convenience to customers across the nation. By leveraging economies of scale and capitalizing on its existing networks and operations, RockItCoin is well-positioned to drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies and provide seamless access to digital assets in everyday life.

The acquisition of XBTeller’s locations in Colorado and Texas further strengthens RockItCoin’s position as a market leader, offering customers an unparalleled network of Bitcoin ATMs and best-in-class customer service.

Founded in 2015, RockItCoin is a Chicago-based crypto blockchain company. It is dedicated to providing consumers with the safest and fastest way to buy or sell Bitcoins through its extensive network of crypto ATMs. For more information about RockItCoin, please visit their website.