Rob Paulsen, Ice-T, and Tom Kenny are among the industry legends headlining the groundbreaking project ‘Avenging Justice Omniverse’. The project, spearheaded by creator Ian Bensman, aims to revolutionize storytelling and provide fans with an immersive and interactive experience.

In this ambitious endeavor, fans will have the opportunity to actively participate in the development of various show concepts, from conception to completion. The first show in the Avenging Justice Omniverse is an animated sketch comedy titled “Avenging Justice”.

The project features parody versions and satirical takes on beloved cartoons, superheroes, comic books, and even infamous Canadians. It also aims to promote environmental consciousness and give back to charity. Members of Avenging Justice Omniverse, known as “AJ Variants,” will have exclusive access to token-gated content, test screenings, meet-and-greets with the cast and crew, merchandise, and voting rights.

Limited edition digital memberships will be available upon launch, with only 10,000 AJ Variant memberships up for grabs. The remaining memberships will be distributed through giveaways, contests, and auctions, tied to the progression of the overarching story in Avenging Justice Omniverse. Each membership will provide a randomly generated character with unique attributes and rarity.

The star-studded cast for “Avenging Justice” includes renowned voice actors such as Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche, Tom Kenny, and Ice-T. The project is currently in post-production, and Bensman envisions the involvement of fans in shaping the show and finding a suitable platform for its release. Follow @AJomniverse on Twitter and Instagram for exciting updates on Avenging Justice and the Avenging Justice Omniverse.