Ripple’s acquisition of custodial solutions provider Metaco has led to a partnership with GFT to offer customizable and secure digital asset solutions for various companies, including banks, stores, and factories. Metaco’s Harmonize platform, integrated with GFT’s smart contract and DLT network development services, provides tailored tokenization and digital assets custodial services.

The global financial ecosystem is transitioning to digital assets over the next ten years. This has prompted the need for seamless and cost-effective solutions for secure and efficient tokenization and digital assets custodial services. Ripple’s partnership with Metaco and GFT aims to address these needs.

Metaco’s Harmonize platform will integrate with GFT’s smart contract and DLT network development services to offer customized digital asset solutions for banks, stores, and factories. These solutions allow companies to include digital assets in their operations and create personalized digital asset services while maintaining control over their assets.

The collaboration between Metaco and GFT aims to assist companies in starting their digital asset journey, improving their services, and increasing their competitiveness. The integrated solutions are highly customizable, thanks to Metaco’s modular platform Harmonize. It can handle different types of digital assets securely, while GFT’s expertise in DLT and crypto projects ensures a smooth implementation process.

Ripple’s acquisition of Metaco is part of its strategy to diversify custodial solutions. The partnership between Ripple, Metaco, and GFT builds on their strong history of working with regulated entities and providing enterprise-grade solutions.

This partnership will make it easy for companies to unlock the benefits of the token economy and build business models on top of robust and secure digital asset custody and smart contract management services.