StickeyGO, a joint venture between KryptoGO, YGG Japan (YGGJ), and Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), has announced the launch of Stickey Wallet, a revolutionary wallet designed specifically for the GameFi industry.

Unlike traditional wallets, Stickey Wallet aims to simplify the gaming experience by categorizing assets based on different games rather than blockchain networks. This user-friendly approach highlights StickeyGO’s commitment to providing solutions for gamers in the rapidly growing GameFi space.

KryptoGO is focused on Web3 Infrastructure, while YGGJ is spearheading local Japanese market promotion and connecting guild resources. IVC, on the other hand, is introducing resources from the entire GameFi ecosystem. Stickey Wallet is set to integrate with GabeeTown, a content platform for recommended games, making it easier for Web2 gamers to transition into the Web3 world. The wallet will also be promoted through collaborations with Web2 and Web3 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and notable NFT projects.

YGGJ has also announced its activities at the upcoming IVS 2023 event, including “SHAKE! KYOTO”, a contest for new-age Web3 games. The contest aims to foster innovation in Web3 game projects by connecting game creators and publishers.

StickeyGO’s partnership with KryptoGO and IVC, along with its focus on providing compliant and secure wallets, has garnered interest and support from industry experts. The company aims to unleash the potential of blockchain games in Japan by delivering a new era of gaming culture and user experience.

StickeyGO, a joint venture between KryptoGO, YGG Japan, and Infinity Ventures Crypto, is revolutionizing the GameFi industry with the launch of Stickey Wallet, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming.

KryptoGO is a Web3 infrastructure platform that offers a complete solution for enterprises to build compliant mobile wallets and manage virtual assets.

YGG Japan aims to elevate blockchain games and provide accessible content for all gamers in Japan, leading them to the world of “Play-to-Earn”.

IVC is a crypto fund that invests in early-stage Web3 companies worldwide. As one of Asia’s most active funds in the crypto industry, IVC is supported by industry-leading companies and has made numerous portfolio investments.