INX, a US-regulated broker-dealer, ATS, and transfer agent, has announced a strategic partnership with Republic, a global financial firm operating a digital merchant bank and a network of investment platforms. Republic will invest US$5.25 million in INX, owning approximately 9.5% of the company. This collaboration aims to expand tokenization infrastructure and access to digital assets for investors worldwide.

The partnership between Republic and INX is significant for the global digital asset industry. By combining their expertise and resources in traditional finance and decentralized finance (DeFi), they can introduce compliant solutions for primary and secondary markets. They also plan to build the underlying retail-focused infrastructure to support the needs of the growing digital economy.

Through this collaboration, Republic and INX aim to expedite the democratization of finance, bring a wider range of investment products to the retail public, boost financial inclusion and participation, and stimulate economic growth. The partnership represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of finance.

The Investment Agreement between Republic and INX involves a cash and shares combination. The transaction is expected to close within 60 days, subject to regulatory approvals. Additionally, the Collaboration Agreement includes various initiatives to democratize finance and enable wider access to investment opportunities.

Both companies will work together to offer tokenized asset services, integrate trading and conversion solutions for cryptocurrencies, and expand their respective platforms. The INX trading platform will be integrated with the Republic Wallet, and Republic’s FX broker-dealer capabilities will be integrated into the INX platform.

The partnership seeks to redefine the way capital is raised and empower both institutional and retail investors globally. INX aims to establish the necessary infrastructure to support the global token economy and create an exciting investment experience for investors worldwide.

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Overall, this strategic partnership between INX and Republic represents a significant step for the digital asset industry, bringing together the expertise and resources of two leading fintech firms to drive the democratization of finance and stimulate economic growth.