Redefine and Safe have announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing transaction security in the world of digital assets. By integrating Redefine’s DeFirewall, a pre-transaction risk assessment tool, into Safe’s user interface, the collaboration seeks to provide users with a more secure and confident transaction experience.

Safe{Wallet}, the leading smart account wallet for on-chain treasury management, has gained popularity among Web3 native projects and individual asset holders, with over $54 billion worth of assets under self-custody. The integration of Redefine’s DeFirewall into Safe{Wallet} will further enhance the security of assets and pave the way for increased adoption of digital assets.

DeFirewall, developed by Redefine, revolutionizes risk assessment in blockchain transactions by thoroughly analyzing each transaction before execution. This helps in generating detailed risk reports and actionable insights, strengthening the security of institutional assets and acting as a deterrent against unauthorized use of funds.

Richard Meissner, Co-Founder and Technical Lead at Safe, emphasized the importance of improving user interfaces in combating bad actors and exploits in the industry. By partnering with Redefine and integrating DeFirewall, Safe aims to offer greater transparency and assurance in everyday transactions, making self-custody accessible to a wider range of users and organizations.

Shira Brezis, CEO and Co-Founder of Redefine, highlighted the trusted nature of Safe as a platform for managing digital assets securely. The integration with Redefine’s DeFirewall combines enhanced risk visibility with trusted security, ushering in a new era of security in the digital asset space.

This partnership reflects Redefine’s commitment to improving security standards for institutions deploying capital and their dedication to enhancing security in every transaction. Both Redefine and Safe will continue to release more details about how this collaboration will shape the future of transaction security on-chain.

Redefine provides a comprehensive security solution for institutions and partners looking to interact with Web3. They offer a suite of tools that combine cybersecurity and blockchain analytics expertise to provide critical risk insights for informed decision-making, preventing fund loss and streamlining transaction execution processes.

Safe is a leading self-custody platform and infrastructure provider, securing approximately $54 billion in assets. Their mission is to unlock digital ownership by bringing security and usability to digital assets, data, and identity. Safe{Wallet} has become the default choice for Web3 native projects and enterprises, providing security and usability without compromising self-custody. With the launch of Safe{Core}, developers have access to a modular and open-source stack for building user-friendly and secure Web3 platforms.