Qoorio, an experience-sharing app, has announced a funding round of €2 Million led by Mangrove Capital, known for its early investments in the likes of Skype and Wix.com. This is the company’s second round of funding this year. The company is led by Justas Janauskas, co-founder of Vinted, the largest secondhand fashion marketplace in Europe, and acclaimed writer and curator, Gabija Grušaitė.

Similar to Janauskas’ previous venture, Qoorio serves as a knowledge marketplace that enables users to connect with people who boast real-life experience in a variety of fields. Users can arrange to meet for a coffee, chat online, arrange a phone call, or connect in any other way. Qoorio users can earn money for these knowledge sharing sessions, or better, donate funds to a charity of their choice.

With a successful launch in June, Qoorio already boasts over 20,000 users, leading investors to believe that Qoorio has the potential to change people’s approach to personal development.

“The platform’s team has proven in a short space of time that people are willing and able to pay for unique knowledge and experience while other people are willing to share it. Qoorio is creating a brand new product category and we are very happy to help this great team grow and expand internationally.”

Yannick Oswald, Principal at Mangrove Capital

People around the world are embracing the sharing economy. The concept of the collaborative economy and peer-to-peer sharing is not only a rising trend but a model of sustainable and efficient access to goods and services. Qoorio believes that it is only natural that collective knowledge and experience would be shared as well.