Profet AI and Hive Ventures, two prominent players in the tech industry, are coming together to showcase Taiwan’s expertise in AI manufacturing at an upcoming event in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The forum, named ‘Crossover Talks,’ will provide an opportunity for local enterprises to learn from Taiwan’s experiences in implementing manufacturing AI, nurturing AI talent, and driving digital transformation.

Vietnam has emerged as a key player in the global manufacturing supply chain, with its industrial sector growing by 9.9% in 2022. Additionally, Taiwan has become Vietnam’s fifth-largest trading partner, with a significant increase in bilateral trade volume. These factors make Vietnam an ideal location for this event, as it highlights the potential for collaboration and mutual development between the two countries.

The forum will feature a range of expert speakers who will discuss various topics related to AI in manufacturing. This includes an AI trend report for 2021 and 2022, insights from Profet AI customers on AI implementation and digital transformation, strategies for leveraging AI successfully in the Vietnamese market, and the importance of investing in AI during a downturn. The event will also offer valuable perspectives from partners of Profet AI who will share their insights on implementing AI applications and the role of partnerships in this journey.

Jerry Huang, the Co-founder and CEO of Profet AI, expressed optimism about the event, stating that it aims to drive mutual development in the field of manufacturing AI and create a future of shared success.

The Crossover Talks forum is part of the larger Galaxy Quest 2023 event hosted by Hive Ventures. This four-day event will bring together industry leaders to discuss the latest technology trends, case studies, successes, and future opportunities.

Profet AI is a leading provider of manufacturing artificial intelligence software, offering an end-to-end no-code AutoML platform and on-demand AI application knowledge base. They enable industry sectors and IT professionals to quickly build predictive models and deploy AI applications to solve production and digitization challenges.

Hive Ventures, on the other hand, is a global venture capital firm committed to accelerating technological advancements from Taiwan and building a smarter, hyperconnected world. With a focus on AI, SaaS, Blockchain, and future technologies, Hive Ventures aims to raise the profile of Taiwanese-led startups and position Taiwan as a leading market in AI and SaaS innovations.